EU Court of Justice Ruling on Passenger Rights in Case of Strikes & Missed Connections

European Union has well defined “Air Passenger Rights”, where airlines are required to compensate passengers for delays, cancellations, denied boarding, long delays etc. Commission even has a smartphone app that you can download and check your rights on the spot.


Airlines have for years claimed that they are not required to pay for compensation under this legislation if it caused by a strike or delayed flight that has led to a misconnect and arriving to the final destination late.


European Union’s highest court, the EU Court of Justice, ruled on October 4th that these are not adequate reason for an airline to deny compensation under the law.

There is a piece about this on Bloomberg’s website that is worth reading.


Airlines have continued to deny air passengers flying on EU member states (+ Switzerland) airlines and on other airlines that are departing from the EU member states, the rights for compensation granted under this legislation.

Airlines are required to inform passengers about their rights that rarely happens and then process the claims promptly. Disserviced passengers are entitled to cash compensation.

Anyone flying on European airlines or on flights departing from European Union members states should be aware of their rights under this legislation. Easiest thing is to download the app to your smartphone that you can access easily on the go.

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