Singapore Airlines Drops Singapore to Los Angeles and Newark Non-stop Flights

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Singapore Airlines made an announcement yesterday about buying more A380 and A350’s from Airbus and that their Scoot subsidiary will take delivery of 19 Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes. Singapore Airlines will return its current A340-500 planes back to Airbus as part of this deal.


The returning of those A340-500 planes that are business class configured will lead to cancellations of Singapore Airlines Singapore to Los Angeles and Singapore to Newark non-stop routes. The latter one has been the longest operating commercial flight.


This is and is not news at the same time. It has not been a secret that these ultra long-haul flights are not profitable at the current price of the jet fuel. Thai Airways discontinued their non-stop Bangkok to Los Angeles flight earlier this year for this same reason.


Sad to see reduction on these flights, but these ultra long-haul routes haven’t really panned out as planned for any of the airlines. Carrying more jet fuel just to carry more fuel gets very expensive very fast.

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