Flybe Finland Has Become Oneworld Affiliate on Finnair Routes

Oneworld made an announcement last week that starting on October 28, 2012, Flybe Finland is oneworld affiliate on routes its operates on behalf Finnair. The routes that Flybe is taking over are operated by Embraer E190 regional jets that operate to cities like Manchester, Budapest, Munich and Warsaw.


These flights that the airline operates on behalf Finnair should conform to Finnair’s service standards, although the flight attendants wear Flybe uniform and are employed by Flybe. Both Finnair and Flybe pilots operate these flights.


You have to be very careful to make sure that you are on a Finnair route that is just operated by Flybe Finland. You can do this by looking at the flight number. The flight numbers that are in the AY2XXX and AY3XXX series are Finnair flights operated by Flybe.


Finnair does codeshare on other flights that are operated by Flybe. These are not operated on behalf of Finnair and oneworld benefits do not apply on these flights.


Flybe operates as a discount carrier in the UK and the oneworld affiliation only applies to flights operated on behalf of Finnair.


This situation with Finnair’s outsourcing is becoming confusing. If the flight is Finnair one but operated by Flybe Finland, you will receive all the oneworld status related benefits and Finnair service. Flights that Finnair merely codeshares with Flybe, are not eligible for this.

The only way is to have a look at the flight number. AY flight numbers starting with 2XXX and 3XXX are Finnair flights, although could be operated by Flybe.

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