Park Hyatt New York & Dangling Crane

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Park Hyatt New York could have had a better TV debut than this dangerous dangling crane. Most of the viewers probably haven’t realized that this 157 West 57th Street is the location of the new Park Hyatt New York that is set to open in 2013.


Park Hyatt New York is set to occupy the the lower 20 or so floors of the ONE57 90-story complex. The higher more desirable floors have been reserved for residential units


This dangling crane won’t hopefully delay the construction of the ONE57. In the meantime, it has resulted of evacuation of the nearby 900 room Le Parker Meridien hotel that belongs to the Starwood chain.


This is not the first Park Hyatt hotel in New York. Hyatt had Stanhope Park Hyatt hotel located on the 995 5th street from 1999 until it was closed in 2005 and converted to co-op.


Sometimes there are force majeure events that delay opening of new hotels. We’ll see if this storm leads to a delay of opening the hotel.