Priority Club “Roles to Room” Promotion Second Update: 15K for 4 Stays


Priority Club has interesting promotion for 15K bonus points after four stays. As is often case with number of Priority Club promotions, there is some confusion surrounding this promotion. I first wrote about this promotion at the end of August and had an update on it a week later.


If you click the registration link on the web page that is dedicated to this promotion, it populates a promotion code 1114. The email that was sent about this promotion has a different promotion code 3145, however.

The address that you can use to register for priority club promotions is

The promotional code 1114 requires that the address of the Priority Club account holder is in the Asia Pacific. The 3145 does not. The latter one allows registrations with European address as well, but apparently doesn’t work with an American one.

You may be able to register using the 3145 if your account address is in Europe. It is not, however, guaranteed that he promotional points will post. Some promotion may allow registration to go through but, if other requirements are not met, the promo points simply won’t post. Also, this promotion will not show up in my promotion in Priority Club’s website. The promotional points will post with the stay.


There is date confusion when this promo is ending. The body of the text has an ending date of November 30, 2012, but the terms and conditions have an ending date of December 31, 2012.


InterContinental Hotels Group should hire more competent folks to work on their promotions department, although this would probably be bad considering the multiple promotions that one can combine.

This promo might work with a European address if you use the promotion code 3145 to sign up. It is not guaranteed though.

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