EasyJet – The Latest Emirates Redemption Partner!


Starting on today (November 6, 2012), you can use your Emirates Skywards miles for flight award bookings on low cost carrier easyJet.  EasyJet flights within Europe and North Africa are covered under this agreement.


The price that you see listed in miles covers all the taxes and fees associated with the booking.  Note that you need to purchase any additional extras like checked in bag(s) separate and you can use Skywards miles for them as well.


You can make the booking using a dedicated booking engine that you can find on Emirates Skyward website. The price of the flight in miles is directly dependent of the cash price. You can purchase one way or round trip itinerary. Just fill the origin and destination airports.


The system will search for available flights and prices them. You will be shown an interstitial.


You will be then presented a list of flights and the price of the flights using Skywards miles.


Once you have chosen the preferred flights, you will have then opportunity to use miles for extras like checked in bag.


At the check out, you just need to fill the information about the passengers. I didn’t go further than this as I wasn’t going to purchase an easyJet ticket using my miles.


For comparison purposes, I priced the same itinerary on esyJet’s website. The price of the same flights was $92.18 compared to 17500 Skywards miles.


I most certainly didn’t see this redemption partnership coming – EasyJet & Emirates? Emirates has already partnered with US pseudo low cost carrier JetBlue for earning miles on each other’s metal. The redemption partnership between Emirates and JetBlue is still in works.

If you have small number of Skywards miles about to expire, it can make sense to use them for flights on easyJet. On my above itinerary, the value of a Skyward mile is half of a cent ($0.005). This is NOT a good use of Skywards miles.

Here are the terms and conditions for redeeming Skywards miles on easyJet:

Important Information

  1. Skywards Miles can be redeemed online at skywards.com for easyJet flights and will be deducted from your account at the time of the booking.
  2. Reward flights are displayed per sector (for one-way or round trip) and are subject to availability with easyJet.
  3. easyJet flights must be confirmed at the time of mileage redemption. Waitlists are not permitted.
  4. Reward tickets are valid on flights operated by easyJet only.
  5. easyJet reward flights are valid only for the flight and date originally reserved. Failure to travel on the reserved flight and date will result in the forfeiture of the award ticket.
  6. Reward Ticket coupons cannot be used out of sequence.
  7. Children travelling on award tickets will be required to redeem the same amount of Miles as an adult.
  8. Infants under two weeks old are not accepted for travel. Infants aged between two weeks and two years  will be charged at a discounted reward level.
  9. Any amendments or additions to your booking are not permitted and can only be made directly with easyJet if applicable or via easyJet.com. Skywards Miles cannot be used to pay for any changes.
  10. Miles can be paid for optional extras specified on the easyJet website at the time of initial booking only or directly with easyJet for cash.
  11. You will receive a booking confirmation email stating the total Miles redeemed for your reward. You will also receive a flight confirmation email directly from easyJet within 24 hours.
  12. Skywards reward tickets and easyJet optional extras are subject to easyJet terms and conditions. To view further details please click here.

Reward refunds

  1. Expired Miles will not be reinstated.
  2. Fares include government taxes, airport and admin fees only. Any other charges or local taxes are excluded.
  3. If your flight/s are cancelled by easyJet due to disruption, you will be notified directly by easyJet on your registered email address and will be given the option to transfer to an alternative date, or request for a refund.

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