Hilton Little League 15% off Discount Code for Worldwide Use


Hilton has teamed up with Little League to offer 15% off of Hilton rates worldwide. Little League is Baseball/Softball association in the United States for minors. I have written previously about MVP and Corporate Benefits Employee Offer rate discounts. You may want to check them out as well. You can access the Hilton’s Little League web pages here.


The best thing about this discount is that it is available for FANS as well. Who wouldn’t be a fan of Little League if you can save 15% of your Hilton stays?


The best part is that Hilton pays some sort of commission to Little League for bookings make using this offer. So, you save maybe 15% and Little League gets a commission from Hilton. What could be better? You can book this rate using Hilton’s Direct Connect interface that is intended for corporate bookings. You can access the interface here.


If you use Direct Connect interface for bookings, it will only display the BEST AVAILABLE RATE and the LITTLE LEAGUE rate. For hotels in the United States, you need to use the Direct Connect interface, but do remember to check the rates using the regular Hilton.com as well. There are some discounted rates that are lower than the 15%.

Hilton Garden Inn French Quarter

Here’s an example from New Orleans. The Hilton Garden Inn French Quarter has a prepaid rate of $99 that doesn’t show up on Direct Connect.


The Little League rate of $101 is not shown on searches executed on Hilton.com, although I have included the Little League rate code.


For international properties, I would just use the regular Hilton.com. Just remember to include the Little League Promotion Code PGLL01. Then it will include all the rates including award ones.

Here’s comparison between rate displays for Hilton Ras Al Khaimah


Direct Connect interface only returns the BAR and Little League rates.


The regular Hilton.com search includes number of rates.

DoubleTree Istanbul


The Little League rate is discounted by 15%.

Hilton Cape Town


The rate is again lowered by 15% by using the Little League rate code PGLL01.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences


The Dubai Hilton Residences property was discounted by the same 15%.

Benefits of the Little League rate code

Most of the other publicly available discount rate codes are advance purchase, prepaid, and non-refundable. This Little League rate code appears to allow same day cancellations up to 4PM at some hotels while others seem to require cancellation one day prior. The rate doesn’t require prepayment.


The Corporate Benefit Employee Offer that usually has around 30% discount off of the BAR it is not as widely accepted as this Little League 15% one.


It is worthwhile to check this rate plan if you are going to stay at the Hilton locations worldwide. Remember to use the Direct Connect interface for stays within the United States (not sure if this apply for Canada as well). For international properties, I prefer just using the Hilton.com with the Little League promotion code PGLL01. The Hilton.com not only returns the BAR and Little League rates, but all others at the same time.

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