Priority Club Promotions for a New Account


Couple of months ago, I wrote about getting a Platinum status with priority Club for just seven stays. Most of these promotions are still going on.


First you need to sign up for all the promotions that I have listed here and here. Make sure that you are not missing on the cashback that you can earn from your Priority Club stay. You can have a look at promotions that you have then signed up for by going to My Offer Status  tab on your Priority Club account. Note that sometimes all the applicable promotions are not shown here.


Here’s what you can expect to get on your first stay, if you are new Priority Club member. You will get 3000 points for “elite member next stay bonus”, “1000 bonus points for 60 days” this is for every stay after 60 days registering for this promotion, “welcome back bonus” of 1500 points, “Next stay bonus” of 1500 points,  and “New member bonus” of 1500 points. Close to 10K points for the first stays


Then we can fast forward to stay number four. Stay number 3 triggered Gold status that you can get at when you have earned 20K Priority Club points. This triggered two more bonuses that are only applicable if you have lest Gold status with Priority Club; the “Elite member next stay bonus”  of 3000 points and “Anniversary bonus offer” 1000 points that you will get for each of your stay for the next 90 days.

My stays that were in the Asia Pacific region were eligible for the Roles to Rooms promotion that gives bonuses on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stays for a total of 15K bonus points. The fourth stay above gave the last bonus of 7500 Priority Club points.


It is very easy to get Gold or Platinum status with Priority Club. On my example above, the Gold status was reached on 3rd stay. The number of points earned on the 7th stay, should be round 55K Priority Club points that is 5K points short off Platinum status.

Priority Club is the only program that counts all the points earned towards the status. Not just the points that you earn for the base spent, but all the promotional points as well.

You can then turn these earned points i.e. 60K points to 12 free nights at Priority Club hotels, including InterContinental hotels, when you find a property that fits you on the Point Breaks list.