1000 Free United Miles via BCKSTGR


BCKSTGR is giving out up to 1000 United miles for registering to their site and linking various social media accounts.


  • Get 400 miles for registering.
  • Get 200 miles for syncing your Twitter account.
  • Get 200 miles for syncing your Facebook account.
  • Get 200 miles for syncing your Foursquare account.

You need to input your United frequent flier number and your account PIN.


I have tried to sign up my UA account number and PIN several times, but I just keep getting an error message that my password is incorrect when, for sure, it is not. This have worked for some, however. Note that this problem likely exists if you are using Firefox or Chrome browser.


When I tried to access the website using Internet Explorer, I got it to work after going back and worth few times. Then I just linked my Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare account for a total of 1000 miles including the sign up bonus.

If you can get this one to work for you, just claim the free miles and link the social media accounts. But remember to change your United account PIN afterwards.


This is a nice promotion for some free miles IF you can get the signing up with your United account number and PIN work for you. This didn’t work for me first but did after I switched to Internet Explorer browser.