Changes to Hyatt Gold Passport Program: Platinum Extras Certificates Gone, No Points/Stay Credit for Walk-Ins, Eligibility to Earn Miles & Paying Partially Using Points = No Credit For Rest of the Spent


Hyatt has tweaked the terms and conditions of their program and these never seem to be for the better. I have identified four major changes:

1.  Walk in guests (no prior reservation) may not be eligible to earn Hyatt Gold Passport points regardless of the rate paid.

2. Guest must be a Hyatt Gold Passport member to earn miles on program partners.

3. Paying for dining & spa charges partially using points, the rest will become ineligible charge for points earnings purposes.

4. Platinum Extras Award have been discontinued

No guaranteed points & stay credit for walk-in guests


This change makes very little sense. Why Hyatt deny points/stay credit from guests that don’t have prior reservation and pay an eligible rate? Sometimes plans may change at the very last minute and Hyatt’s website often is down.  If you are paying an eligible rate, you should receive points and stay credit.

Hyatt Gold Passport membership requirement to earn airline miles


It didn’t come to my mind that Hyatt has been awarding partner program miles/points if the guest is not a member of the Hyatt’s program. There is no downside for joining and the guests may be able to take advantage occasional double dip opportunities for earning bonus Hyatt Gold Passport points while crediting the base points to airline miles.

Paying for spa or dining charges partially using points will make rest of the charge ineligible for points


Redeeming Hyatt Gold Passport points for dining or spa credits is terrible value as I have written before. Now, if you partially settle your bill using points, the rest of the charge will become ineligible for Gold Passport points.

Platinum Extras Awards discontinued


Platinum members have been awarded Platinum Extras award for every 3 stays. The option of the award was different for different stays but included club upgrades, food & beverage amenity, or extra points for dining at the property (no stay required). These were mailed out to the members address and had a generally short expiry period of 3 to 4 months.

Hyatt Platinum Extras Awards Jeff
Hyatt Platinum Extras Awards Jeff

Now, Hyatt has decided to discontinue these as well and the head of Gold Passport made an announcement of it on FlyerTalk.


It always make sense to read the terms and conditions of these programs very carefully. Hyatt has now changed few things that may or may affect you, but you should be aware of them regardless. Not sure, why they have decided not to do a mass email about these changes to the Gold Passport members that will be affected about them. I don’t see any of these four changes to be a beneficial one for a consumer.

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