Complimentary InterContinental Royal Ambassador Referrals Gone?


One of the benefits of qualifying for InterContinental Royal Ambassador (you can read more about InterContinental Royal Ambassador status here) status has been a referral certificate that you can use to upgrade an associate, spouse, or a friend to Royal Ambassador as well. Sometimes these certificates have found their way to eBay as well where they have been going for $500 to $600.

IC Royal Ambassador Change
IC Royal Ambassador Change

Now, InterContinental has or is making this complimentary referral going away and introducing an option for Royal Ambassadors to purchase the membership for a third party. This came to light on a recent website update. There has been no official communication from InterContinental about this change.


There have been few changes to Royal Ambassadors referrals over the years; these certificates didn’t used to have an expiry date & at some point they were sending them out for referred members as well that didn’t make too much sense.


We’ll have to wait and see how much these paid referrals are going to go for. InterContinental Hotels Group wasn’t probably too happy seeing these referrals going for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

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