AviancaTaca LifeMiles Now Requires 2500 More Miles Per Oneway or 5000 Per Round-trip on Some Awards

AviancaTaca has quietly changed part of its award chart this week, but has failed to update it. You can still access the old chart on their website. You can get the new rates by searching for award space on


The change is not drastic only 2500 additional miles oneway or 5000 per return. This does not apply to all awards. It is somewhat worrisome, however, that the airline did this unannounced.

South Asia to South Asia


This should require 12500 in economy or 17500 miles in business. The new requirements are 15000 and 20000 miles.

North Africa/Middle East to North Africa/Middle East


For this part, the award calculator on the website agrees with the published award chart. Oneway in economy is 15000 and 27500 in business class.

Europe to North Asia


The award miles required for Europe to North Asia doesn’t seem to have changes. Oneway in economy is 45K miles.


Some awards have changed while at the same time some others have not. LifeMiles has not, however, updated their award chart.

You have to be somewhat careful with a program like LifeMiles. They did just what Delta did and changed their award chart and thought that nobody would notice. I am sure that they will eventually release an updated chart as well.

The change is not drastic, but rather how it was implemented that gets me worried – without giving any prior notice.

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