Free 500 American Airlines Miles for Two Facebook Likes & Short Survey

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American Airlines just posted on their Facebook page about “Mile for your thoughts” offer of 500 free American Airlines miles for completing a short survey after liking both American Airlines and AAdvantage Facebook pages. You can access this offer here.


As is often the case with these Facebook apps, you need to give them permission to access some of your info.


The questions are super easy. You just need to identify your top two airline programs, what status you have, and what counted the most for making the selection. Then you can also leave a note about your other favorite programs outside the airlines.



You then just need to submit the short survey and the miles will be deposited in your account in 6 to 8 weeks.


After you have completed the app, you can disallow the app to access your data and unlike both AA and AAdvantage, if you so prefer.


Very easy way of getting 500 free American Airlines miles and don’t take too much of your time.

This is also a good way to extend the validity of your miles by another 18 months if you don’t have too much AAdvantage activity.

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