Starwood Cookie Consent and 130+ Networks They Use for Ad Targeting

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For the past week, I have been in the European Union that has far stricter privacy laws than most countries in Asia or North America. I have seen somewhat annoying messages to deny or allow cookies from number of companies/media whose websites I frequent.


When you click the Evidon tab that shows up on the SPG’s website, you are then presented with a Cookie Consent Tool.


Starwood uses three cookies for storing essential log in information to their website.


They do use, however, excess of 130 companies/cookies for ad servicing.


For ad targeting, SPG uses 19 partners.


SPG, for being a large multinational, works with a number of partners that is well represented by the number of cookies and services they use to serve advertising and personalize it.

If you ask how many cookies LoyaltyLobby stores in your computer, I quite frankly have no idea. The only thing that we use for visitor tracking is Google Analytics.

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