New Lower Lifetime Marriott Silver, Gold, and Platinum Requirements


About a month ago, I wrote about the changes that were coming to the Marriott’s lifetime program. At that time, it was still unclear what those would be. Marriott representative was claiming that they had never had official and published program previously (not correct). Now, Marriott’s representative posted the coming changes to their forum.


Anyway, the new requirements are actually lower compared to the previous ones. The number of night requirement goes down significantly, but the number of points earned stays the same.

Note that points earned from all activities like bonuses and credit card spend count.


It is still unclear if there is going to be a requirement for how long one has been a member of the program. We probably have to wait for the official announcement early next year.


This is actually a surprise. Marriott is going to lower the number of night requirement at all levels. I have passed the number of night required for the lifetime Gold that you can find when logged in to your Marriott Rewards account. The number of lifetime points earned is not visible at this time, however. You need to call Marriott Rewards customer service to find that one out.