Air Canada Aeroplan Introduces Oneway Awards in North America, Caribbean and Central America?

Aeroplan has a separate award chart for one ways at a higher cost than half of a return trip. Now, awards in North America, The Caribbean and Central America are pricing at half of a round trip price.


Aeroplan has not made any announcement about this change, so it could be permanent or a promotion. In either way, it is surprising that they haven’t made any announcements about this.

Here are few examples:


Toronto to San Jose (Costa Rica) priced at half of a RT price of 20K Aeroplan.


Montreal to Caracas priced at the One-way ClassicFlight rewards price of 34K Aeroplan (not half of RT).


Calgary to Santiago de Chile also priced at the One-way ClassicFlight rewards price of 40K Aeroplan (not half of RT).


Los Angeles to Newark on business class for 25K Aeroplan is half of a RT.


Anchorage to Bermuda prices at half of a RT price of 20K.


It would be nice to know if this is a promotion or has Aeroplan decided to offer some one-ways at half of the round trip price. The latter wouldn’t be surprising.

Personally, I really prefer flexibility and rarely, if ever, book traditional return round trips. One-ways gives you greater flexibility to combine paid air/car/train and visit multiple destinations more easily without having to pay a higher award price.

I hope that this award pricing is here to stay and would extend outside of North and Central America.

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