Cashback on Marriott Gift Card Purchases Ending on December 31

Marriott is ending cashback on purchases of gift cards effective on December 31, 2012. Early November, I wrote a piece about maximizing Marriott bonuses for buying gift cards and getting some cashback in the process. You can access the article here. Apparently, this opportunity to save some more is coming to an end on December 31, 2012.


You still have more than a week to make gift card purchases that count for cashback. There are few offers for miles, Marriott Rewards points, or premium loaded to the card for buying them.


It seems that all good will come to an end at some point. I have purchased Marriott gift cards and received come cashback in the process. I know that 5% can seem inconsequential, but after you stack up all the different promotions, the savings can be significant.