Marriott Rewards Making Elite Rollover Nights Permanent

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Marriott has been slowly dripping off information about the changes coming to the Marriott Rewards program in 2013.

Marriott Rollover
Marriott Rollover

Marriott has since 2010 had a promotion for rollover elite nights. The nights i.e. over 75 for Platinum members would automatically rollover for the next year and count for qualification then.  Now, Marriott is making this permanent fixture of the Rewards Program and more information about this can be found in 2013 at (please note that this page is not active yet).

By Elite Level, how many nights are needed to qualify for Elite Rollover Nights?

  • Silver Elite – Nights in excess of 10

  • Gold Elite – Nights in excess of 50

  • Platinum Elite – Nights in excess of 75

  • Platinum Premier Elite – Nights in excess of 75

This is very useful for those that have a very high number of nights in one year and only a few the following year. You can easily qualify at the same level for number of years without having too many stays.

Also, if you are after the lifetime status with Marriott, playing around with these rollover nights can be beneficial. The nights that rollover count for lifetime nights in the year that they were earned AND on the following year as rollover. So, you can have some nights count TWICE. Rollover nights only rollover for one year. You cannot rollover them year after year.


Marriott has been using some sort of internal rollover nights already for a while. If you have qualified for Platinum status for several years, they don’t typically downgrade you for being short on nights on one year.

It is welcomed that they are making this change permanent. I am around 240 nights short on lifetime Platinum with Marriott. I will probably have quite a few stays (& meetings) in 2013 to have large number of nights rollover to 2014.

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