Priority Club Stay More Earn More-Bonuses Out Until April 30, 2013


Priority Club has just released a number of Stay More Earn More-bonuses for the first four months of the 2013. Note that these are valid from January 7 to April 30, 2013.


As always, there are different promotions available and Priority Club has introduced a new twist this time as well.

Some of the promotions have a set number of points earned + number of points earned more for few more nights.

Then there are bonuses that give you a set number of bonus points for the first 10 to 15 nights and then set number of points for every five nights going forward forward. The number of points earned during this promotion is not capped for the latter type.

Remember that you can only register for one of the promotions below and you cannot change the selection after registration.

You need to register before your first stay has posted to your account during the promotional period. I would wait as late as possible to figure out the number of stays that you will stay with the InterContinental Hotels Group until April 30th, 2013.

There are likely going to be one or two global promotions during this time frame as well that will be combinable with these Stay-bonuses.

You can register for this promotion here. You need to use your Priority Club account number or email address and the four digit promotional code.


5521 = Stay 2 Nights Get 2500 Bonus Points & Stay 2 More Nights and Get 2500 More Points

5528 = Stay 2 Nights Get 2500 Bonus Points (not sure about possible bonuses)

3411 = Stay 4 Nights Get 5000 Bonus Points & Stay 4 More Nights and Get 5000 More Points

3414 = Stay 5 Nights Get 10000 Bonus Points & Exclusive Elite Offer for 5K Bonus Points for Every Additional 5 Nights

3415 = Stay 10 Nights Get 15000 Bonus Points & Exclusive Elite Offer for 5K Bonus Points for Every Additional 5 Nights

3416 = Stay 15 Nights Get 20000 Bonus Points & Exclusive Elite Offer for 5K Bonus Points for Every Additional 5 Nights

Not sure about the following bonuses that are valid this round as well

3412 = Stay 3 Nights Get 2000 Miles

3413 = Stay 5 Nights Get 2000 Miles

5527 = Stay 3 Nights Get $25 Gift Card

If someone has received the offer 5528 or 3414, I would appreciate a copy of the email ( Quite likely they both have additional points for nights beyond the minimum.


There is really no reason to register right now. You can wait until you have your first stay and then decide which promotion would fit you best during this time frame. Just remember that you absolutely cannot change the selection once you have registered.

Let’s hope that this is a first sign of never ending Priority Club promotion for 2013!