Bonus Gift Points of 3000 to 4500 for Club Carlson Members in EMEA

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Club Carlson sent out their Season’s Greetings email to members in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) last week and I wrote a piece about at the time.


Part of the email was a link to a form for some bonus points depending of your status. Some members were offered 3000 points and some others 4500 points. I couldn’t embed the link at a time as I received if from a friend.



There is now a public link available for the bonus points forms.

Note that there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get any points if you were not targeted for this offer.

You can always try and maybe you will receive some bonus points. These won’t post to your account immediate.


Club Carlson has been in very festive mood by giving out free points for members in the EMEA. Members in other regions received a typical ecard card without any bonus offers. You can try your luck with the link above.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Terms and Conditions for Year End Gift Campaign

  • This year end gift is available to Club CarlsonSM members only within Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • The year end gift is personal and only invited Club Carlson members can register to select their year end gift.
  • The membership account number must be provided by the member at the time of registration for the year end gift, together with member’s name and full contact details.
  • Registration for year end gift is only valid until 27 December 2012.
  • Only one year end gift selection per Club Carlson member.
  • The year end gift is subject to availability.

Bonus Gold Points®:

  • Bonus Gold Points will be calculated and credited to the member’s account by 28 February 2013.
  • Only one Club Carlson member account will be credited (personalised gift and cannot be transferred to another member).
  • Bonus Gold Points are subject to all Club Carlson Program Terms and Conditions.

Club Carlson reserves the right to add, modify, or discontinue the year end gift campaign before the relevant gift is made use of, with or without notice. The year end gift campaign and/or the relevant gifts are void where prohibited by law. By participating in this year end gift campaign, you agree and consent to these terms and conditions.