Hilton Points & Money Rewards


Hilton introduced Points & Money awards last year. These are similar to SPG’s Cash & Points. Hotels can decide whether they participate to this award type and the availability can fluctuate a lot. Obviously, hotels don’t offer this award type if they are close to capacity. You can consider it as an intelligent way of discounting.


Hilton used to have a list by categories the number of points and cash required for a free night. This was later removed, however, and the point and cash amount is no longer tied to the category.

Hotel Category Points & Money Rewards (removed list)
Category 1 (7500) Unavailable
Category 2 (12500) or 6250 Points + US$30
Category 3 (25000) or 12500 Points + US$40
Category 4 (30000) or 15000 Points + US$50
Category 5 (35000) or 17500 Points + US$60
Category 6 (40000) or 20000 Points + US$70
Category 7 (50000) or 25000 Points + US$85
Waldorf Astoria or 30000 Points + US$100

Points & Money Examples

Conrad Bali Category 5


The cash portion of the Points & Money rewards should be $60 per the original chart. At the Conrad Bali, however, the Points & Money requirement is $90 and 17500 points per night.

Hilton Fiji Category 5


The points and money required at this property is per the chart above. One night is $60 and 17500 points.

Hilton Seychelles Category 7


One of the Hilton properties in Fiji has the money part loaded per the chart above as well. Note that euro prices at this property include taxes.

Conrad Hong Kong Category 7 & Conrad Macau Category 6


The cash portion at the Conrad Hong Kong is $130 that is $45 over the original chart. At the Conrad Macau, the cash portion is per the original chart.

Hilton Tokyo Bay Category 6 & Conrad Tokyo Category 7 & Hilton Tokyo Bay Category 7


Hilton Tokyo Bay’s tax excluded rate is $95 that is higher than the chart above. Conrad Tokyo’s tax excluded rate is $120 that is $35 higher too. Hilton Tokyo Bay’s cash portion of $76 is actually lower than the category chart above by $9.

Do these Points & Money Rewards make sense?

They do actually at times, although I have seen rates where the cash portion of the Points & Money is HIGHER than the discounted rate.  I have used this rate plan at Fiji, Hong Kong and Singapore this year, when the rates have been high and it was reasonable option.

Thing to note is that these are considered award stays and such do not qualify for any promotions that Hilton may have. They do qualify for stay/night credit and you will receive points for the incidentals, but not for the cash portion of the reward.


It is always good to have more award options. Hilton’s award chart is tilted to VIP/AXON awards at the most high end properties. It rarely makes sense to redeem for one night awards at category 6 or 7 properties. Having Points & Money reward option can be a reasonable choice for these short stays.

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