Update on Priority Club, Amtrak Guest Rewards & Points.com


Yesterday, I wrote about a good deal for exchanging Priority Club points to Amtrak Guest Rewards via Points.com. Amtrak Guest Rewards had recently became a partner of Points.com and I thought that they were having a promotional offer for getting some exchanges done.

Alas, this was not the case. Someone at the Points.com had had a fat finger and loaded an incorrect trade value for these programs. Some had their point trades canceled while others that got their trade early in did not.

LoyaltyLobby is not about RGN fares, Alitalia coupon mistakes, hotel price mistakes, United 4 mile awards, LifeMiles unintended shopping bonuses etc.

I have made a decision that I only cover legitimate deals and leave these mistake for others, although they would probably generate lot of page views.


Oh well. The deal with the Priority Club and Amtrak Guest Rewards turned out to be a mistake by Points.com.

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