The Tale of Three InterContinental Ambassador Packages: Gold, Platinum & Royal Ambassador


If you are singing up for InterContinental Ambassador membership, you can also maximize the number of Ambassador membership packages that you get. They always come with the Ambassador free weekend night voucher and code for some Priority Club points that you can deposit to your account.


I just opened Gold, Platinum, and Royal Ambassador packages and noticed that:

1. Gold Ambassador gets (or at least got this time) 15K Priority Club voucher, 10% discount on award nights and the free weekend night voucher.

2. Platinum Ambassador gets 10K Priority Club voucher and the free weekend night voucher.

3. Royal Ambassador got 5K Priority Club voucher, free weekend night vouchers and RA referral.

It is interesting that the extra points were highest for the Gold Ambassador and worst for the Royal Ambassador one.


If you sign up for the Ambassador program, it makes sense to time it right. Even if you get referred for the Royal Ambassador status, you should sign up for the Ambassador program couple of weeks earlier to collect the Gold Ambassador box.

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