United Premier Accelerator on Sale?


United has been very eager for selling award and premier qualifying miles (PQM’s) for any itinerary that you access on United.com. It doesn’t matter, whether it is a paid or an award ticket. I just wrote about these last month and you can access the article here.


Now, that we are in 2013, United is selling PQM’s at much lower price than at the end of 2012. The award miles are still priced at 2.1 cents, but the PQM’s are sold for 8.5 cents instead of 15 cents in December.


Of course you cannot use PQM’s for anything else than qualifying for United Status and, if you make the purchase now, you may not ended up needed the purchase anyway, unless your travel is entirely set in stone for the rest of 2013.


The price of an award mile is not bad under this offer IF you use them for trips like the one I just wrote about.

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