Lifetime Marriott Silver, Gold, and Platinum Requirements in 2013


Marriott has now finally published the official new lifetime Silver, Gold and Platinum requirements that I wrote about two weeks ago.


Achieve a status milestone over the course of your membership and you’ll enjoy Elite status for a lifetime. You’ll still be able to reach a higher status – but you’ll never go below your Lifetime level. You’ll have the Elite Experience, always.

We’ll track your nights and points and once you achieve a Lifetime status we will automatically send you your Lifetime membership card.


    • Achievement Criteria:

      • Lifetime Platinum Elite: 750 nights* + 2 million points

      • Lifetime Gold Elite: 500 nights* + 1.6 million points

      • Lifetime Silver Elite: 250 nights* + 1.2 million points

Marriott has previously had number of requirements for lifetime statuses that have changed few times over the years. None of these were available on Marriott’s website, but you were able to get the (un)official info by calling Marriott Rewards customer service. I made a comparison between the most recent one before this change:


There is no longer number of years requirement that one must have been a member of Marriott Rewards or that the member would have at least once qualified for the status level that they receive for lifetime.

Note that Marriott is very clear that ALL the nights will count including paid nights, meeting nights, rollover nights, credit card nights based on the spend and nights that are awarded every year for simply keeping the card.

The likely bottleneck for those that don’t stay at very expensive properties is going to be the number of points required. You only need 750 nights for the lifetime Platinum, but must have earned minimum of 2 million points. This is 2666 points per night not including any possible meeting rewards, rollover & credit card nights.

For example, I have qualified for the lifetime Gold status based on nights, but was 179K points short of the 1.6 million requirement.

Note that you cannot find the number of lifetime points you have earned. You need to either call or email Marriott Rewards customer service to find out the number. You can find the total number of lifetime nights by logging to your account.


The quest for most of us is to start racking up the lifetime number of points earned with Marriott’s program. If I would prefer having the lifetime status this year, I could just purchase the 50K points and be done with it before the end of 2013.

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