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Are You Airline Amenity Kit & Pajama Hoarder?


Back in the summer & early fall of 2012, I left couple (or actually three) of shopping bags full of airline amenity kits and pajamas to couple of hotels in Bangkok. I still remembered the hotels, but wasn’t sure what I had actually left behind. If I travel around in Asia, I often leave things behind in Bangkok, as hotels there are used to store bags for months at a time.


As I was going to leave Bangkok Friday, I decided to pick up the bags, although I had long lost the storage tickets. While I was carrying the bags, I was thinking whether it makes any sense to actually take these from the flights as the novelty wears off very fast. I don’t wear pajamas and the amenity kits are rarely that good. My friends don’t normally don’t mind taking them though.

W Bangkok – Review of My Stay Over New Years


W Bangkok has now been open for less than a month. The grand opening is currently scheduled for March, 2013. The hotel only has part of the final room inventory available right now i.e. suites are scheduled to be available starting from February 1, 2013. You can read more about my booking dilemma of this hotel here.

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I always advise my friends to stay away from newly opened hotels for at least 6 months. Typically, it takes a while for the employees to get up to the SPG program standards and also get to know the property. I was actually surprised how smoothly everything went during my brief stay. Quite frankly, I was expecting the absolute worst.

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