Airline Cabin Lounges from The Past: American, Qantas & Continental


There was an interesting post yesterday with some photos on Cruise Line History website regarding airline cabins back in the day of glorious air travel (that was unaffordable for most).

It makes you wonder, what went so wrong with the airlines, especially with the US ones, that made them buses of the sky of today?

American Airlines Coach Lounge on 747

American Airlines Coach Lounge
American Airlines Coach Lounge

This actually looks really nice and could be a lounge somewhere in 2013. Bet that the FA is still working for AA?

Qantas First Class Lounge on 747

Qantas First Lounge
Qantas First Lounge

Nothing on Qantas on board today resembles this lounge that they have had in the past, although I like the design of the Qantas first class lounge in Sydney airport.

Continental Coach Lounge on 747

Continental Coach Lounge 747
Continental Coach Lounge 747

Looks quite nice as well.


The closest that I can thing of an airline lounge today, is the Upper Class bar on Virgin Atlantic or the Emirates Business class bar on the A380. Emirates does have small bar for their F passengers as well, but the business class is superior.

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