Hotel Room Shortage in Yangon Myanmar


Myanmar is going through very fast growth due to country opening up and many countries like US withdrawing the trade sanctions. The downside is that everybody seems to be flocking to the country simultaneously and the tourism infrastructure cannot keep up.


I was just reading this Myanmar special that I picked up from my hotel in Bangkok. There is truly a shortage of hotel rooms in Yangon and nothing is going to happen in short notice. It is going to get only worse because there are going to be more international events scheduled for the city in 2013.


Friend of mine was just looking for hotels in the city for this coming February. The Governors Residence was sold out, Strand was asking $400++ per night and even the Traders was in excess of $250++ etc. These prices are just crazy. This article was right that you pay $300 for a room in Yangon that would be just $40 in Bangkok.


If you are planning to visit Yangon and Burma this year, you should really look into the hotel situation well in advance. I was able to get the Governors Residence for bit more than $100/night though Luxury Link for one of my visits in 2012. I doubt that this deal would return in 2013, however. Traders and Strand are both good choices if you are willing to pay the price they ask.

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