Response from Priority Club Regarding the Free Night Award Structure Change


Yesterday, I wrote about the changes that were coming to free night awards with Priority Club. They are introducing nine award categories and going away with bran dependent bands.

Priority Club New Award Categories
Priority Club New Award Categories

The new award categories are going into effect on January 18, 2013, but Priority Club will honor the old award levels, if they are lower, until Match 18, 2013. But, how can you find out the older award category, as Priority Club refuses to publish a list of properties moving in categories?


About 30% of the properties are moving and and about the same number going down in number of points required for a free night. Likely, the properties that are in higher award demand are going up and less popular ones going down.


Priority Club will not, however, release a list of properties that are moving up/down in award point requirements and this is my pet peeve.

Carlson, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott & Starwood all moved some properties around in the past 12 months. They all released a list of properties that went up or down with information about the new and previous categories. This is the right way of doing it.


It is unfortunate that Priority Club has taken this “secretive” approach with these hotel category changes. Last year, they were saying that they are not releasing a list for competitive reasons. All of their competitors are releasing their award category lists, so this reasoning doesn’t hold much weight.

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