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New Marriott Rewards Award Option – London City Cruises

Marriott Rewards just introduced a new award option in the past week – London City Cruises. You can access the Marriott’s website, where this offer is listed, here.


There is the blurb on the top stating that “premium” cruises are only available for members residing in the United States,Canada or Puerto Rico. This is likely left from the past, when Marriott was in fact offering some cruise choices for Marriott Rewards members.

Has Priority Club Discontinued the Platinum Bonus for Royal Ambassadors on InterContinental Stays?

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Priority Club has gone through quite a few changes in the past month. Last year, the number of points earned for InterContinental stays within the Americas was changed from flat 2000 points per stay, regardless of number of nights or dollars spend, to 10 points per dollar. Elsewhere in the world the flat 2000 points per stay still applies.

I just saw some comments on FlyerTalk about Royal Ambassador members that had not received the Priority Club Platinum bonus for InterContinental stays and I decided to have a look at the issue.

Unfortunately, I won’t have paid stays at InterContinental hotels before February, so I asked a copy of account posting from a friend of mine that just completed one night stay at an InterContinental property in Asia.

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