New Marriott Rewards Award Option – London City Cruises

Marriott Rewards just introduced a new award option in the past week – London City Cruises. You can access the Marriott’s website, where this offer is listed, here.


There is the blurb on the top stating that “premium” cruises are only available for members residing in the United States,Canada or Puerto Rico. This is likely left from the past, when Marriott was in fact offering some cruise choices for Marriott Rewards members.


Seems that the value of a Marriott points is about half of a cent if you used them for the Show Cruise with a dinner. Had a look at the operator’s website and they were selling the evening cruise for variable prices depending of the time of the year.



This is probably not a way that I would be using my Marriott Rewards points, but could be worthwhile for some. The value of a point under this offer is about half of a cent.