Reminder to Be Diligent About (Fake) Messages from Hotels & Airlines

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Back in July, I wrote about an email that appeared to be coming from American Airlines that was merely an phishing attempt to get access to your AAdvantage account. Today, I received a direct message on Twitter from Hilton Narita with a link supposedly to a photo.


This message came via email and I could access it on LoyaltyLobby’s Twitter direct messages.


When you clicked the shortened link, you were directed to a fake Twitter website and asked to log into your Twitter account.

It is likely that Hilton Narita’s Twitter account got breached the same way. Hilton Narita employee responsible for their Twitter communication had likely logged into a fake site and their follower list then got spammed with a fake message.


You always should pay attention that you are actually accessing a legitimate website. This was a first time I received this kind of spam as a Twitter direct message.