Southwest Airlines and Class Action Law Suit Over Expiry of Drink Chits

Just received the following email today regarding a class action law suite that Southwest had decided to settle over unused drink chits that passengers had received based on the Business Select fare that they had purchased. You can read more about this settlement on the settlement website here.


Back in 2010, Southwest made a policy change about these vouchers that they would only be valid on the day of the flight and not later. Some Southwest fliers were left with dozens of drinks chits that were then deemed worthless.

Class action law suite was started and Southwest has now decided to settle the issue. You can file a web form and estimate the number of drink chits you had, even if you have thrown them away, and Southwest will replace them with new ones.


I have no idea, why Southwest changed the policy regarding these drink chits and didn’t grandfather the old chits under no expiration policy? That would not have cost them hardly anything as very few of these old chits would have redeemed anyway.


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