Update on Platinum Bonus Postings for Royal Ambassadors on InterContinental Stays

Two days ago, I wrote about some confusion about InterContinental Royal Ambassador members and whether they still qualified for Platinum bonus on InterContinental stays. I requested LoyaltyLobby readers to send me one screen shots about how their stays had posted since beginning of this year.

Seems that there really hasn’t been any change. All the feedback that I received confirmed that the Platinum bonus had properly been applied for their stays. Of course, there is always a possibility that there had been a glitch how Priority Club had awarded bonus points for the stays right after the new year.

Here three screen shots:




In all these three cases the Platinum bonus of 1000 Priority Club bonus points did post correctly. Note that there is nothing else associated with this bonus points beside the points itself.


Seems that the Platinum bonus points are posting just fine for the stays at InterContinental hotels. If you have any contradictory experiences, just send me an email or leave a comment/screen shot below.

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