Update on (Unintended?) Priority Club Point Specials


Yesterday, I wrote an article about 170 IHG properties that had gone down in point requirements prior to the January 18 date of award category reclassification.


I encouraged people to book the three InterContinental hotels that were on the list for just 15K per night. There was also another gem on the list just for 10K points per night – the Holiday Inn Sydney.

Apparently, Priority Club has updated (again) the price list using points and all these discounted awards have been removed.

Not quite sure what to make out of it. Was this an intern was updating point prices and made mistakes-sale or did they made a mistake when automatically updating point requirements in anticipation of January 18 switchover?

If you booked any of the sale hotels, you shouldn’t have any problems. You paid the price that was displayed on Priority Club’s website and the hotel that you are staying at is going to receive their regular award night reimbursement from Priority Club regardless


It is interesting to see if there are going to be additional specials during this award level change. I certainly hope so.

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