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Emirates Business Rewards Sign Up Promotion

Emirates also has a program for rewarding companies for their employee spend on the airline. This is geared towards SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises).


Now, Emirates is offering 10K bonus Business Rewards miles for signing up for their program by January 32, 2013, and for one of the accounts flying at least one flight before the end of March, 2013. Emirates is also offering double business rewards miles on all travel in February and March, 2013. You can access this offer here.

SAS Eurobonus Budget’s Latest Partner

You can now earn SAS Eurobonus points for Budget car rentals. You can access SAS’ page for this new partnership and promotion here.


Budget is offering 500 extra points for each car rental (they don’t publish what is the base number of points earned per rental). The offer for rentals in Europe is for up to 1500 extra points for rentals of 5 days or longer.

Top Hotel Promotions for January 2013

It is somewhat slim picking right now. Marriott’s previous MegaBonus has run out and the new one is about to start next month. There is nothing out from Hyatt.

1. SPG Power Up + Le Meridien Bonus (North America) + Air Canada Aeroplan bonus (Canada)


You can make a bundle with Starwood if you can take advantage of the Power Up and Le Meridien promotions that Starwood is running concurrently. Also, there is additional bonus for Aeroplan miles for stays in Canada. For maximizing these three bonuses, you need to stay at the Le Meridien hotel in Montreal!

Priority Club 40% Bonus for Buying Points (Targeted Offer)


One LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email about an offer they had received from Priority Club for buying points. Priority Club is offering 40% bonus for those that purchased points in 2012 for buying some this January. This offer ends on January 31, 2013. You can access this offer here. Please note that if the bonus doesn’t show the account is not eligible for this bonus offer.


The price of a Priority Club point after factoring the 40% bonus in quantities of more than 26K points at a time is 0.82 cents/point. This is more than what you can buy them by booking Cash & Points award and canceling it shortly afterward. The price of a point under the latter method is 0.7 cents per point.

SPG Crossover Rewards Coming?


Starwood is apparently in the process of launching Crossover Rewards that we should learn more in the coming months. Remember, you heard it first on LoyaltyLobby.


Hotel programs, airlines, and car rental companies are living in a symbiosis; more air travel means more hotel nights and car rentals etc. Hotels are often doling out status on their respective programs to frequent fliers of various airlines trying win over their business.

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