Targeted Offers From American Airlines for Double Elite Qualifying and Award Miles & Evips

American Airlines had number of offers for double elite qualifying and redeemable miles in 2012. The airline also had a direct status match offer for Executive Platinum status for United 1K’s and later an expedited requalification offer as well.


Now, American has sent number of offers for targeted audience for double elite qualifying miles, double elite qualifying points, double redeemable miles, and for couple of complimentary eVips. The promotional period for earning double miles is between January 22 and February 22, 2013.

This offer is targeted and may include all or some of the components above. There is no registration code as targeted accounts have been registered automatically.

The participating airlines for this offer are British Airways, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qantas in addition to American and American Eagle.


I asked around and none of my friends had received this offer, although there are quite a few Executive Platinum members. It seems that this offer is targeted to fairly selective audience. I didn’t receive this offer either.

There’s lot of discussion about this offer on American’s Facebook page and on FlyerTalk.

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