OMNI Select Guest Program Changes

It is always “scary” when hotel or airline programs send emails about program updates and changes as those rarely benefit the program member.


This is the case with the OMNI Select Guest program as well. They just sent an email regarding program changes. Of course, they forgot to mention what the previous requirements for a free night or the validity of the free night had been.


Here are he changes:

1. You will earn a free night after 20 nights instead of 10

2. The free night will expire after 12 months instead of 24 months

3. Platinum & Black level members will receive double credit towards free nights

So, if you are infrequent guest at the OMNI hotels, the free night certificate will require double the number of qualified nights and, once earned, will expire in half the number of months than previously.

OMNI also sent me a targeted offer for double free night credits until April 1, 2013. This would be useful at Platinum or Black level for a free night cert after 5 qualifying nights. That would be fairly decent free night ratio.


Be always very worried when you receive an email from any program about program changes. As was the case with OMNI as well, these rarely benefit you. Considering that OMNI is a really small program, they should offer greater benefits and more rewards to lure business than bigger chains.

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