Check Your Delta SkyMiles Customer Segmentation Info


It is not news that companies we use can know a lot about us, but they don’t usually make accessing this information easy. You can now check, how Delta segments you and what your Mosaic consumer lifestyle segmentation is.


Here’s what you need to do.

1. Log into you SkyMiles account

2. Plug the following URL ( to the same browser and copy the text

3. Copy/paste it to your favorite text application

I doubt that it has been Delta’s intention to have this data so easily available on their website. If you are interested in stuff like this, you probably should download this information now. This was first discovered and posted on FlyerTalk. You should check out the discussion.

Here’s what Delta had on file about me:



“birthDt”:”” – Delta doesn’t have my birth date on file

“chldAgeRange”:”” – No children

“cobrandCardCd”:”AX” – Don’t have DL branded card(s)

“ctryCd”:”US” – My SkyMiles account address

“custID”:”000xxxxxxxxx” – Here was my SkyMiles number

“custValSeg”:”0″ – My value to Delta? Zero? Likely correct.

“dgtlLangPref”:”en” – Language preference

“discSpndngAmt”:”8586″ – Likely what was spent on Delta. Incorrect.

“drvdGndr”:”M” – Male -correct

“drvdHmArptCd”:”LAX” – Home airport.

“hmArptPref”:”” – Preference for home airport.

“homeValueAmt”:”587000″ – Home value amount? Incorrect.

“htlBrndPref”:”” – Hotel brand preference?

“incomeAmt”:”19″ – Income?


“isPwmElig”:”N” – Pay with miles?

“isSmCust”:”Y” – SkyMiles? Yes.

“mindsetSeg”:”DD” – This is interesting. My mindset is DD.

“mosaicCd”:”K37″ – Mosaic classification about me based on Delta/Experian. See below.

“poCd”:”90000-0000″ – Postal code on file with Delta

“prefDestCity”:”” – Preferred destination city

“prefDestCtry”:”” – Preferred destination country

“savedSrchDest”:”” – Saved search destinations


“skyClubMMSts”:”” – Sky Club Million Miler?

“skyClubMbr”:”N” – Sky Club member?

“skyClubRnwlDt”:”” – Sky Club renewal date.

“skyPrtyInd”:”Y” – Sky Priority eligible?

“smAmexCntrnInd”:”N” – Amex Centurion?

“smAmexInd”:”N” -SkyMiles Amex?

“smBalance”:”8xxxxx” – SkyMiles balance.

“smMqmBal”:”10000″ – Medallion qualifying balance.

“smMqsBal”:”0″ – Medallion qualifying segments balance

“smNbr”:”xxxxxxx” – SkyMiles account number

“smSunTrstInd”:”N” – Suntrust Customer

“smTierLvl”:”GM” – SkyMiles status

“stProvCd”:”CA” – State

Experian Mosaic Classification – K37 Wired For Success


You always have to understand that Experian have done some data mining and segmentation. Then, created number of (supposedly) actionable profiles that they can sell to marketers.

Just get your Mosaic classification from the Delta file and you can then access your “profile” here.


This is nothing new really. Companies try to segment their customer population to actionable groups. Delta seems to have chosen Experian’s Mosaic.

Some of the data that Delta has about me is correct and some is not. The Mosaic profile is partly right.

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