Wired Piece About Airport Arrest For Refusing Nude-O-Scope


This Wired piece about suing the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) & TSA (Transport Security Administration) among others, is a good read.

Wired Airport Arrest
Wired Airport Arrest

This suit is about Mr. Tobey refusing the Nude-O-Scope and dressing down for the pat down. The airport police had arrested Mr. Tobey for disorderly conduct, but the charges were dropped by the county prosecutor two weeks later. Then, Mr. Tobey sued the government.

Wired Airport Arrest Suit
Wired Airport Arrest Suit

Now, the Circuit Court has decided that the law suite can proceed to a trial unless there is a settlement.


Personally, I have always refused these Nude-O-Scope as an invasion to privacy and rather had the pat down. Sometimes, it feels that part of the world has gone crazy with the airport “security”. And don’t get me started about the “war on water”.

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