Hyatt Terms & Conditions About Eligible Stays Changed Again

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Seems that Hyatt Gold Passport cannot make their mind, whether to grant points (and possibly stay credit) for members that arrive to a hotel without having advance reservations.


I first reported about Hyatt Gold Passport terms and conditions change regarding the walk-in guests on December 9, 2013, and again on December 23, 2013, when Hyatt had reverted to old terms and conditions.

Now, Hyatt has again introduced the clause that walk-in guests may not be eligible to receive Hyatt Gold Passport points, regardless of the rate that they pay.

This change doesn’t mean that you WON’T receive points IF you pay an eligible rate as a walk-in guest, but rather that they do have a clause on their terms and conditions that they don’t have to award them.

I really do not understand the reason for introducing this clause. There are sometime situations that you just walk in and make a reservation on the spot. Doesn’t Hyatt want last minute reservations and stays from loyal Hyatt Gold Passport members?

I do understand that if you are paying i.e. distressed air passenger rate that you are then not eligible for the points and/or the stay credit. (Note that the terms only refers the stay for not being eligible for the points but doesn’t mention stay/night credit at all). But, if you are paying a rack rate/negotiated corporate rate or any other rate that would otherwise be eligible for the points/stay credit, why wouldn’t Hyatt award the points/stay or night credit?


Sometimes these changes in terms and conditions that the programs tend to forget to inform their members about, are eye opening. I really don’t get it, why Hyatt wouldn’t want to drive walk-in business?

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