Priority Club’s UK Olympic Digital Camera Promo Fiasco


Priority Club had a targeted offer for the UK market in April/May for a limited Olympic edition of a Panasonic digital camera. Priority Club member needed to complete six nights at a Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express hotels in the UK in April and May.


This camera was supposed to be delivered to those that had fulfilled the promotion requirement by August 31, 2012. That day came and quite a few, maybe most, didn’t see their cameras. Priority Club service center informed that the cameras would be sent by some fulfillment company and that there was just a temporarily delay.

Now, FIVE months later, Priority Club has finally acknowledged that they are not able to fulfill the orders for this digital camera and are issuing a goodwill bonus on 40000 Priority Club bonus points for those that never received it.

If you participated to this offer and completed the requirements, but never received the camera, you should contact the Priority Club service center. They will just issue the goodwill points of 40000 to your account.



Not sure, why this Priority Club offer failed so miserably on the fulfillment side. I requested comment from Priority Club regarding this issue via Twitter, but they never replied.

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