Merging Duplicate Le Club Accorhotel Accounts


All the recent Platinum Le Club Accorhotels sign up promotions have required you to open a new account as this promotion doesn’t apply to old ones. Until now, my advise has always been to just contact the customer service and request then to merge the accounts at some later date.


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email that they had received from Le Club Accorhotel’s customer service regarding a request to combine two accounts. First of all, there is absolutely no fraud for signing up for Le Club Accorhotels Platinum status. Accor has made these links public, although they are targeted to certain groups i.e. Citibank cardholders. To keep the sign up process easy, there are no checks whether you actually have such a product.

Having multiple accounts is likely against the terms and conditions of the program. Accor just won’t apply these promotions to an old account that they should. If you sign up for Platinum promotions, my advise, from now on, is to just move the old account to a dormant address and sign up for a new one.

I will write a piece in the next couple of days, how you can empty your old account of any points by doing a direct deposit to an airline of your choice.


This was the first time that I heard from a reader that they had had some problems merging Le Club Accorhotels accounts. This could be just one off glitch, but it is always better to be on the safe side.

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