AviandaTaca LifeMiles Earning Slashed From 500/Day to 500/Rental For Budget Car Rentals

AviancaTaca LifeMiles members have been earning 500 LifeMiles PER DAY for Budget car rental at participating airport locations worldwide. I wrote about this offer recently.


Now, the number of miles that you can earn has been slashed (or enhanced) to flat 500 miles per qualifying rental.


If you made your reservation before this change or if you have rentals that haven’t posted yet, you may be for a long ride to get the correct number of LifeMiles posted to your account.

When I had a problem getting correct number of miles posted for Budget rentals that I was crediting to Northwest at a time, I had to contact BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get someone at Budget to have it fixed.


The offer of 500 LifeMiles per rental day was very generous. 500 LifeMiles per rental is still not horrible, but likely you can do better by taking advantage of other offers that rental car companies are offering for various airline frequent flier programs.

Here are the latest terms and conditions of this offer:

  • Valid at participating Budget airport locations worldwide.

  • Members must present their LifeMiles membership number at time of rental.

  • Airline flight is not required to earn mileage credit.

  • Miles may not be earned on free, tour or certain travel industry rates and may only be earned in one frequent traveler program per rental.

  • Frequent flyer surcharge of $.75 per rental day apply.

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