LUV Lost At Southwest?

There was in interesting and critical piece about Southwest on the LA Times that is worth reading if you are interested in about the airline.


Some may argue that the airline has started to lose the travelers’ LUV. The Southwest trashed the Rapid Rewards program couple of years ago when the number of credits you earn became dependent of the fare type/price and the number you need for a free flight is entire dependent of the price.

Southwest also got sued for trying to cancel some outstanding drink chits that it had given to travelers. Now, the airline has started to charge more for priority boarding and has installed more seats per airplane.

Also, the airline is no longer often the cheapest. The only difficulty is comparing the fares as you cannot still purchase a Southwest ticket outside of their own website.

Anyway, the LA Times piece is a good read if you have time.


All the companies tend to lose their soul and become arrogant over time. It took quite a long for Southwest to advance to this stage. We’ll see what is going to happen with them next.

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