“Upcoming Changes to the Marriott Rewards Program”-Email From Marriott Rewards

The other day, I wrote about the changes coming to the Marriott Rewards program in May this year. There are more than 1300 properties moving up in award category and about 50 going down. You can find my article about this change here.


Nnow, Marriott has realized how serious this devaluation is and has sent out an email with the headline “Upcoming Changes to the Marriott Rewards Program”.

Marriott Deval Site
Marriott Deval Site

The email itself doesn’t really explain a lot. It links to a web page that explains the number of properties moving up and down, and the new category 9 properties. You can access this Marriott’s website here.

The website doesn’t contain the PDF file that lists the Marriott properties that moved up and down categories. You can have a look at the document below or download it to your computer.

Download (PDF, 486KB)

Here’s the devaluation in number:



It is goof that Marriott sends out an email about this wide category change and the new category 9. I am surprised, however, that the Marriott’s website doesn’t contain the list of properties moving up/down in award categories that they have released.

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