Emirates Institutes Fuel Surcharges On Paid & Award Tickets Originating From Australia & New Zealand


Emirates has quietly instituted fuel surcharges on flights and awards tickets originating only from Australia & New Zealand. This must be in anticipation of the joint venture with Qantas that should start sometime in late March/early April. You can read more about this partnership here and why airlines love furl surcharges here.


Emirates has started to publish a fuel surcharge line for its fares from Australia and New Zealand. There is no fuel surcharges on flights TO these two countries.

Here’s an example for Sydney to Bangkok Emirates flight in First Class


The taxes and fees are rather hefty 466.26 AUD for the return trip. There is no way to get a tax breakdown on Emirates.com.


Then, I used matrix.itasoftware.com to find the exact same flights and priced them. I have circled the fuel surcharge component. It is the exact amount if you deduct the real taxes listed on ITA from the EK taxes.


There is really no reason for the airlines to have separate line for fuel surcharges than “screwing” the customer.

The price of the jet fuel hasn’t drastically changed for the past few years and it is integral cost of doing business for the airlines. They do, however, love having these “fake” charges and I have written piece about why.

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