Wyndham Award Charge Changes – New Categories & Devaluation of Points?


Wyndham had a small banner on its front page about “Free Nights Starting Faster”. I thought that this sounded like Hyatt’s past Faster Free Nights promotion. You can access Wyndham web page about this change here.


But it turned out that this is not necessarily an enhancement. Wyndham is introducing new award level at 5500 points (the former lowest was 6000) and 35K/40K levels are removed.


The award categories starting on March 14, 2013, are 5500, 8000, 10000, 14000, 16000, 20000, 25000, and 30000.

Wyndham is not releasing a list of their current hotels and their award categories. It is impossible to say if this is a devaluation of points and if so how bad. I haven’t yet seen an instance, when the value of the hotel point would have increased.


Wyndham is changing award categories and at the same time moving hotels up/down in point requirements. It would be right thing to do to release a list of hotels with their current and forthcoming point requirements. I cannot see any other reason for not to release such a list than trying to hide a major devaluation of points.

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