Priority Club One Time Bonus Offers for Febuary (2013)


There hasn’t been a change on these one time bonuses from January to February. I just went through them. There has been couple of new ones that Priority Club has emailed, but they seem to be just duplicates of these.


Note that you can combine these with the current Stay More bonuses that I have written here, here, and here. Don’t forget to earn cashback for your InterContinental Hotels Group stays.

You can register for these promotions at If you get an error message that the code is invalid or that you have already registered for it , it only means that you have taken advantage of the offer previously and that your account is not eligible for it. I am not sure, how often you can sign up for the same promotion. For now, these promotions are valid for new account. Some of them may work for you as well even if you have taken advantage of them previously.

If you are planning to start having Priority Club stays, you should do a Priority Club Gold/Platinum status match first and then sign up for the promotions. You will have quite a windfall of points in the first few stays.

If you have come across any other valid one time Priority Club promotion(s) that I have not listed here, just drop an email or leave a message below.

Anniversary Bonus Offer – 6102 – 1000 Bonus Points

This is most lucrative of the offers. You will get additional 1000 Priority Club points per stay for 90 days after your sign up.  Just enroll just before your first stay to maximize the earning period.

1000 Bonus Points for 60 Days – 8108 – 1000 Bonus Points

You will receive 1000 bonus Priority Club points per stay for the next 60 days after registering for this promotion. Just enroll just before your first stay to maximize the earning period.

Elite Member Next Stay Bonus – 5221 – 3000 Bonus Points

This works for sure if you are a Platinum member, but could work for Gold’s as well. Doesn’t hurt to sign up, right? You will get 3000 bonus Priority Club points for your next stay. You will need to have the stay within 90 days after signing up. You can only earn this once.

Welcome Back Bonus – 2120 – 1500 Bonus Points

You will get 1500 Priority Club bonus points for one stay after signing up. You need do stay within 90 days.

New Member Bonus – 3107 – 1500 Bonus Points

This is a new member bonus, but works for existing members as well. You will get onetime 1500 Priority Club bonus points after signing up. You need do stay within 90 days after registration.

Next Stay Bonus – 5109 – 1500 Bonus Points

This should be open for elite and non-elite members. You will get onetime bonus of 1500 Priority club points after a paid stay. The stay must be within 90 days after registration.

Weekend Stay Bonus – 3136 – 5000 Bonus Points

This should be open for all. You will get 5000 Priority Club bonus points for a two night weekend stay. Weekend is typically defined Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights. The stay must occur before the end of 2012. This promotion may require your Priority Club access to be in the United States. The promotion did post for me after a while. This promotion can be done several times.

Platinum 5000 Bonus – 3168 – 5000 Bonus Points

You need to be a Priority Club Gold or lower member and do the required number of stays to get the Platinum status + bonus points.

We’re pleased you have continued to stay with us and are now even closer to earning exclusive Platinum Elite benefits and 5,000 bonus points. All you need to do is register and stay with us 5 more nights before 30th November 2012. It would be our pleasure to reward your loyalty with exclusive Platinum Elite benefits. Keep staying with us and you’ll soon be there. We look forward to helping you make it to the top: Platinum Elite status!


Priority Club has been somewhat stingy with the promotions lately. If you haven’t taken advantage any of the above promotions, you can have a very nice points windfall for few stays.

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