Hilton HHonors Award Availability Until 2015 (Beat The Devaluation)


Now that Hilton is royally “screwing” those that tend to use their points for high end aspirational properties, it is good to note that awards are actually bookable all the way until 2015. You can read my piece about this Hilton change here.


Above is the comparison table for the new point requirements for category 10 properties. Some of them are going up more than 100% considering the current sweet spot of 6 night VIP awards.

Here’s how you can find availability all the to 2015


Hilton’s regular search only allows you to search for the next 12 months, although reservations are open for 24 months.


You need to choose some dates in 2014 and choose flexible dates.


Then, when you get the availability calendar, you can change the dates for all the to February 2015 using the calendar on the upper right. Sometimes, you need to scroll down few weeks first using the “forward a week” on the left.


Right now, the last day for arrivals seems to be February 23, 2015, but the stay can be until May 2015.

Conrad Koh Samui


You can book the hotel all the way until March, 2015.

Conrad Maldives


Also available until the beginning of March, 2015.

Hilton Bora Bora


Totally open for bookings until March 15, 2015


Many plan their aspirational trips well in advance. You can use this truck to lock down your favorite Hilton properties all the way until 2015 and make sure that your points don’t get royally devalued.

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  1. Is it possible to book now and change my travel dates after the devaluation occurs without being charged the higher/new point per night price?

  2. Other than the spreadsheet at the top, the rest of the images aren’t appearing. Could you fix those when you get the chance? This is SO helpful!

  3. can you book in advance on a random date lets say in 2014 and then rebook it after the deval and still not have to pay the increased award levels?

  4. Some people have commented on Flyertalk that although you can make a reservation for an award stay for longer than one year away, the award certificate associated with the award is only valid for one year. You would need to get a new certificate after the first one expires, which would then cost you the going rate of points required for the particular hotel.

    • IMHO,it clearly shows the number of points needed for a night/award. As long as there are no changes to the dates, Hilton would have very hard time requiring more points. It is not the guests responsibility to know the internal procedures for award redemptions/compensation to the properties..

  5. I got this to work using Bora Bora, but I cannot get this to work using New York City. It doesn’t seem to work across the board – or it only works for certain regions or countries.

  6. I’m attempting to do this for June 2014 at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista…. nice dice. It won’t let me do anything past March 2014, it just dead ends. Manual date changes didn’t work either. GROWL! I’d so love to get this booked before the ax cometh.

  7. Thanks for the great tip but HELP. I am trying to book far out at Maldives. Web site lets me complete booking, 42.5k/nt for 4 nights, 170k total. Would love to convert to 145k four night diamond award. Called diamond line (without “outing” my rezzie number) and asked generally if I could convert. Answer: no, AND this guy claims my award will automatically be void and the hotel will demand me to pay cash because the Hilton awards are only valid for 11 months from issuance. What do you guys think?? Bad agent?? Any risk of this???

    • You may be out of luck trying to switch it to AXON if they are not willing to do it over the phone. I truly doubt that there is anything they can do for reservations that you have booked in advance. The system allows you to book for up to 2 years in advance for some properties using points. There is nothing to indicate that the reservation (or certificate) would be only valid for 11 months.


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